No Working Malarky

I am really enjoying this no working malarky ! Having time to just do things that you want to do. I’ve had the time to completely re-do the TriLondon Website. Really enjoyed it and if website design wasn’t such a competitive field I would consider this as a way of making a living. Also ran the clubs King Of The Mountain competition last Sunday. It was a real success – great fun. I reckon I enjoyed it more as the organiser than I would if I competed. It was lovely to be able to chill out at Box Hill cafe for an hour at the end. Followed in the evening by a social at my flat. Finally, sorted out a bike mechanic course – worked out perfectly as I can do the two weeks consecutively just after I return from Kona. Be good to be able to make a few quid working as a bike mechanic (with a bit of luck).

Training been going really well in amongst all of this. The volume is getting back up there and I’m running consistently. On Saturday I had a monster Brick session – rode 128 miles and then ran 18 miles off the bike. The awesome thing was how strong I was running and I ran strong throughout, didn’t fade at all. I could have kept going. I was buzzing Saturday night and it allowed me to relax on Sunday and just enjoy the day.

Read a great article by Justin Daerr about how he want from 12.55 Ironman to 9.20 and then from 9.20 to 8.40. The latter was great to read since it’s the step I’m trying to make. My best is 9.15 achieved a couple of years ago but I’ve not managed to move on from that. This article gave details of the bike sessions he did. I am now working from my schedule from Germany to Kona. I have scheduled it as less volume and more serious work on the bike. I’m quite excited about it. Entering New Zealand next year has made me change my focus this year – Wisconsin is no longer the priority race since I feel if I don’t qualify there then New Zealand gives a great second chance, Lanzarote will make a great 3rd. Anyway, the outcome is my focus is now on getting a good time at Kona.

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