Post Petroleum World

I’ve wonder a lot over the years about life after oil, about how poor dietary advice is and how it seems like a pretty terrible society that allows and celebrates obscene accumulations of wealth. As I’ve dug deeper in where our world is going I’ve seen how they’re all inter-connected. The insane growth and consumption generated by cheap oil leads to it all.

  • is growth sustainable ?
  • can economies grow indefinitely ?
  • can countries ever pay off their debts ?
  • oil is limited. What happens when it runs out?
  • More importantly what happens when we pass peak production ?
  • Can world population be fed without oil ?
  • What happens to soil used for mono crops when fossil fuel fertilisers are no longer affordable ?
  • Do we need a paradigm shift in thinking ?


  • Start growing some of your own food
  • Reduce / remove use of your car. Get rid of your dependency
  • Help a friend appreciate the problems we face
  • Buy local, buy organic
  • Get to know your neighbours
  • If you live in a big city keep your car full of petrol
  • Have a decent quantity of cash at home. Not for the long term but to survive short term runs on banks