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Changing Plans

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Sure thing Einstein, but then isn’t the basis of (endurance) training an adaption to physical demands by the repeated application of similar demands? The insanity then is … Continue reading

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Aero Tweaking

This morning I woke at 4:30am and decided to enter Ironman Wales !  Ever since it was announced I knew I wanted to do it. It’s in a beautiful part of the UK . I was keen to do an … Continue reading

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Trying Some Old Tricks

In an attempt to get my motivation back to train I’m falling back on some things that have worked in the past. In particular building a new training diary. The net effect is usually a strong desire to fill it … Continue reading

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Much Needed Rest

Been enjoying some wonderful rest since Kona. I have done absolutely no exercise since the race. That’s over 2 weeks now where I’ve not even swam or ridden my bike to the shops. I’m trying to be good about my … Continue reading

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Planning 2008

When you race Ironman you end up having to plan so far ahead since the races fill up so quickly. This meant I spent from 2pm till 3pm yesterday afternoon online periodically hitting refresh on my browser till I finally … Continue reading

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    This time between Ironman Lanzarote and Ironman Switzerland is far from going to plan. The hope had been weeks rest, 2 weeks build, 2 week taper. Into the third week of that and it’s all been a little … Continue reading

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