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Patient Running

The photos show the change in my running achieved in six weeks from Ironman Western Australia (left photo) to Challenge Wanaka. The key thing was moving to forefoot striking from this I feel my cadence increased, I got lighter on … Continue reading

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Everything In Place

Tomorrow I start my two day trip to get myself back to Lanzarote for a two week training camp. The picture above is my aero bar setup on my Look. I’ve just switched to full aero extensions and put on … Continue reading

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Some Proper Time Off

No it’s not an Eddington Review but for lack of a picture for this entry I decided to display some of what I’ve spent my time doing these past four weeks. Only a small proportion of that time but it … Continue reading

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One Year On

ONE YEAR ON ———————> It’s one year to the day that I had my surgery. It really hit home to me today. I really shouldn’t care what happens at Taupo. The fact I’’m fit and able to race should be … Continue reading

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I am back in training but it’s very frustrating. Is there something about this time of year or it being post Hawaii but my motivation has been very up and down. For instance, right now it looks lovely outside and … Continue reading

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Non Stop In London

It’s been a hectic few days … no not because of setting those two things up. Firstly all the travel. Overnight to San Francisco, a day there wandering around and catching up with an old friend before an overnight flight … Continue reading

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Not the best photo in the world but it suffices and nicely continues my foot theme. Quite a contrast to how the foot looked 6 months ago. Now we have a little bit of felt under my foot which fingers … Continue reading

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Well thats cheered me up no end. Decided to get out and do a monster ride. No particular training goals (though I achieved some!) just get out and enjoy a cracking route. It had everything. Threatening weather, rain, sun, gales, … Continue reading

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I really must get  a proper camera as my phone just doesn’t get nice sharp photos. The picture today is of my aero bar setup on my road bike. I’d put Oval stems on both my road and TT bike … Continue reading

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Barefoot Running

Sorry for the rather surreal photo but it was done late last night after swimming with a mobile phone in rather limited light. It serves the purpose though – another photo following my foot injury theme showing my new Vibram … Continue reading

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