Another Day In The Life Of A Full Time Amateur

Before I get into todays entry I thought some of you might like to see the YouTube footage of the mid wales Ultra. I’m the guy coming out of the swim first !

It’s another Thursday but this time I’m in a big week of training so I thought, as promised, it would be interesting to detail another day of training but this time where the focus is getting the volume in. Not saying this is a typical day but Thursdays can be quite interesting day as it often proves to be the day of the week that I cram lots of different small sessions in rather than a big ride / brick session.


This morning the alarm went off at 3.30am and as it’s a big week I didn’t dither. I immediately took my pulse rate and got up. I’d bought some Pork Pies last night thinking they’d prove a nice quick breakfast … I munched one whilst I looked at a couple of emails and was out on the bike by 3.50am. Pretty pleased with myself.

Usual Thursday morning Fixed wheel session round Regents Park but today we were going to do a 20k time trial. I’d predicted a time based on 8 minute laps (2.75 miles) which I felt was optimistic. At the Park I enjoyed about half a dozen laps pushing it along before Kevin arrived. I eased the pace and we had a good old natter and slowly collected the rest of the crew – Gabriel (key guy as he was doing the timing. He is doing IM Lanza in just over a week so had come up with the TT idea and offered to time) and Luis ( on his HED TT bike … he’d be quick!). Jo turned up just after we’d all set off so was unaware of her presence until after the finish.

Kevin was my minute man and I was Luis’s. As expected this effort felt worst at the start. I had no plans of giving it my all – such efforts really need to be limited when you’re trying to get the volume done. My idea was steady ironman sort of effort. Kevin was out of sight by the time I started. Forgot to check my speedo at 1 lap and at 1.5 laps Luis went by. Didn’t feel I was able to push it but was stunned when I got to 2 laps in just under 16 minutes. Caught Kevin on 4th lap and finished in 36.04. Very pleased with it. One lap was 7.41 which is about the sort of pace I managed to achieve earlier in the year but then I felt I was hammering it.

We finished with some easy laps. The last couple just Gabriel and I having a good old natter before heading for breakie and yet more chatter. I was focussed on getting to the pool quick so I could get my swim done before the schools came in. As I headed home I bumped into Jo – we decided to have a pot of coffee at home. Very nice to have a half hour chat. Still managed to be diving into the pool bang on 9am.

Got a steady 4km done by the time the schools arrived. Headed to the gym and did weights and core work for an hour. This left me about 40 minutes to grab something to eat – had a nice fresh fruit salad and yogurt before Stephen turned up for a run. Now started the big run part of the day. We headed out on an exploratory run up over Hampstead heath. Ended up longer than I’d planned – some 98 minutes and I felt really strong throughout. This left me about 45 minutes for some food. This time – pear and blackberry smoothie, some tomatoes, pork pie and cheese. Checked emails and then back running this time to Battersea Park to meet my sister.

Ran for 63 minutes. Jane was already there so didn’t have long before we were running again with me pushing Isaiah in the 3 wheeler. We did 23 minutes and headed back to Janes … I had about an hour to relax and get some food in – this time a rather delicious combo: 2 slices toast, butter, peanut butter, cheese, sardines all topped with 3 scrambled eggs. Then I was off again running to the clubs 5k Handicap race. I rather over did it and ended up running for 78 minutes getting there just in time. I felt pretty comfortable running still but wondered as to the merit of running the race. Didn’t really have much time to think about it as I was off about 5 minutes after arriving. Ran comfortably and at a reasonable pace – went as well as I’d hoped and probably equated to half ironman race effort. Only had to run home ! Another 15 minutes. Reckon I ran 36 miles in total !!

At home there was time for some more fruit salad and yogurt a bit of a relax before heading to bed having completed about 11 hours of training.

Thursdays can be like that. Normally my days don’t have so many different sessions but I find Thursdays like that quite amusing – if that’s the right word. It’s none stop, you get loads done and I appreciate the fact I’m able to do it. You’ll be pleased to know I certainly felt the effects this morning. I optimistically had my alarm go off at 4.15am aiming for 75 minutes or so run before swimming. I did not hesitate to immediately change it to 5.30 as my legs ached so much and even then I wondered whether I could face the 1.5 mile run to swimming. The run didn’t feel so bad once I got going !

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