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Banister Training Impulse Equation

Banister Impulse Model Following establishing some formulas for replacing TSS I wanted to see why the decay parameters were chosen as 42 and 7 and why these numbers were considered to have a unit of days. I could never see … Continue reading

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Training Stress Balance Formulas

TRAINING STRESS BALANCE This is the commonly used method for modelling your fitness and fatigue. It works on the basis that your current fitness is the total of all training done to date with a decay factor to reflect that … Continue reading

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TSB Syndrome

There was a time when training was all about chasing numbers. Any decent race result I had was all gravy. I remember tracking week to date and year to date totals for distance and time across all disciplines. The week … Continue reading

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Predicting Performance

No matter your sport, goals, starting level of fitness, tolerance for training or training approach, as an athlete or a coach when creating a training plan the aim is to try and improve performance through a process of applying and … Continue reading

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