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Christchurch Earthquake

There’d been many aftershocks during our stay so far in Christchurch.  It started just like one of the aftershocks. Then there was a distinct point, a massive bang, when it was clear this was far more serious. I was in … Continue reading

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Leaving Christchurch

We’re about to leave Christchurch a city that I’ve grown ever fonder of the more time I spend here. Even experiencing the earthquake hasn’t lessened my love of this city. In fact, seeing how the people have got through it, … Continue reading

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Christhurch Earthquake

Read Jo’s account here I was in the cinema when it hit. Apparently it only lasted about 20s but every so often since I get an incredibly vivid recollection of how I felt and what I thought at the time … Continue reading

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Walking A Tightrope

The photo is completely irrelevant to this post. These are some bike overshoes I’ve just received from Oomph! who are recycling old speedsuits (which are no longer legal to race in) by using the material to make overshoes which they’ll … Continue reading

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Bike And Run Review

  I had planned to do separate reviews of bike and run but time has rather whizzed by so I’m going to combine them. Jo and I did an awesome ride on Christmas Day. Similar to last year but this … Continue reading

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DCM Sport Beer Mile

SHORT REPORT Third last in a little under 10 mins LONG REPORT I have new found respect for these people that have run fast beer miles. By fast, I would rate anything under an 8 minute mile. Last night I … Continue reading

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Feeling 100% ?

I’ve decided to write this ahead of Ironman Western Australia as I feel it adds more weight. It’s easy to wait for a result and then analyse events leading up to it and make them fit. Results in great analysis … Continue reading

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New Plan Of Attack

So far with my Ironman racing I have followed the path of maximum fun. Much of what I enjoyed doing (long exploratory rides and runs) happen to fit nicely as the backbone of an Ironman training programme. I became a … Continue reading

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One Year On

ONE YEAR ON ———————> It’s one year to the day that I had my surgery. It really hit home to me today. I really shouldn’t care what happens at Taupo. The fact I’’m fit and able to race should be … Continue reading

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About To Taper

Yesterday was my last ‘over distance’ ride pre Taupo. I’d been getting a little nervous that since Epic Camp I’d done no big rides. I’ve been riding strong but not really got out and ridden for longer than 6 hours. … Continue reading

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