Training Going Really Well

This run up to Christmas is going far better than expected. The hope had been to be in reasonable enough shape by Christmas so that post Christmas I’ve the base to work hard and get into top shape for Ironman New Zealand. However, since the last entry I’ve had great motivation and got tonnes of training done. Some great training pointers / milestones have been passed:

  1. The week to yesterday I completed 101 miles of running
  2. I’ve run off more or less every bike. Definitely after every 100 miler. Many cases I’ve run really well – yesterday I did 8 miles in 57 minutes after a 65 mile ride on the fixed. What was great about this run was the visualisation I used when I really started to struggle. I visualised my mind controlling my muscles and not the fatigue doing that. This together with imagining running people down in the marathon got me over the hump in a few minutes and running fast and comfortably again.
  3. I completed the 30 runs in 30 days and have now gone 17 days running every day.
  4. Bike mileage has consistently been above 300 miles and this week am on target for over 500.
  5. This morning we completed a 100 miler round Regents Park on the fixed. 4 of us met at midnight and cycled through the night with only a break for a bagel after about 60 miles. It was quite surreal, freezing cold but it made me feel so happy and free.
  6. Swimming – managed all 3 coached sessions each week and last night completed a whole set based on 1.25 per 100m. Set was 3 x 200 on 2.50 then 3 x 100 on 1.25. I’m starting to really feel the water now … better than I have since starting Ironman

Really really feeling good about my training at the moment. A few more days of hard work and then I’ve my planned easier week for Christmas.

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