Ironman New Zealand Prep


It’s been awhile since the last entry. I’d initially only planned on doing a blog for a year so have spent a bit of time deciding whether to continue. Also, I’ve been so busy training I’ve had little time to do this. It’s surprising how you can fill your days.

The picture is of my new set up on my race bike. Following last season I decided I wanted to try out with drop handlebars, especially as Oval now do a rather cool range of stems that make it all very neat. The hope is that this set up will provide a lot of benefits:

  1. Allow me to cover the brakes whilst staying reasonably aero
  2. Provide more confident braking
  3. Be more secure in high cross winds
  4. Provide more comfortable riding positions which should result in more training miles on this bike.

Last weekend managed two 100+ mile rides on the set up and I’m very pleased with it. On the Tri Bars it’s more comfortable than the HED bars !

Over Christmas and New Years week I had 2 very easy weeks but from there I’ve been going awesomely well getting the training in. Here’s what I’ve managed this year so far:

        Swim (km) Bike (m) Run (m) Hours

Wk1 “Ease In”         0.0            202 20 21

Wk2 “Swim / Bike” 18.4            449 67.5 43

Wk3 “Swim / Run” 21.6            385 95 43

Wk4 “Build Big” 15.2            466 104.5 50

Wk5 “BIG”   14.8            560 101 58

Wk6 “BIG”   14.7             556 120 59

At the end of that I’ve strung together my two longest weeks of training. Really pleased with it. Had easy day Monday and today went out on the fixed. Unfortunately managed to come off on black ice. Bit of a bummer since this was 3 hours in and we were through the worst of the morning. Bashed my knee and got a little road rash. Trashed my rear wheel to the point it was rubbing both side of the chain stays. Brute force (me stood on the wheel and Gabriel pulling the frame) got it so it kind of spun – ie it only rubbed on one side. After 7 miles and one bike shop not being able to help, with the sidewall of the tyre almost rubbed through, we got to a shop that managed to sort it out for me.

Not an ideal start to my taper especially as it’s meant I didn’t run today … first day in 40 I’ve not run.

Mustn’t get down about it – that block of training above has got to give me confidence about qualifying for Kona in New Zealand on 1st March.

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