It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a whole weekend out from training during a serious block of training but that’s exactly what I’ve just done. My long run on Friday left my legs pretty achey and it was the end of a very good 3 week block back from total rest after Kona so on Saturday when Jo was pretty ill and had decided to get thet train to Kent (for lunch with a friend) rather than the planned cycle I decided to get the train with her and have a rest day. Returning from there I slept the whole 90 minutes back. I felt so drained that I decided that this morning I should ensure enough sleep. Set an alarm for 6am (if I felt good at this point I’d get out for a full day) and one for 7am. At 6am I needed more sleep and then I slept straight through the 7am alarm – sleeping 11.5 hours. HR slightly elevated so I decided to take another days complete rest. My brain was ready to accept the idea of rest this weekend since it’s about halfway to Christmas since the start of training again so it felt a good time to take a break before getting another 3 week block in before an easy week during Christmas week. At that point I will have a final 6 week build (hopefully full on) before taper for New Zealand.

Motivation is high!

The 30 runs in 30 days is now bang on target as I’m 17 runs in 17 days.

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