Long Run

It’s been a long time since the last entry … been a little busy but training is going very well. In fact, this afternoon I went out for a long run – about 16 miles in 2hours 14 minutes. My longest run since pre Lanzarote. Felt comfortable and could have gone on longer. A very good sign. I thought a lot obout Ironman New Zealand as I ran. Focussing on having a strong run. On getting back to those great days in 2006 when I knew I would be strong on the run.

A few of us are trying to do 30 runs in 30 days. I am going well. Yesterday I got 3 runs done! I ran off the bike following 64 miles on my fixed round Regents Park. Did a good session – initially some pursuit laps with Kevin and then a single Pursuit lap as two up – myself and Sparky against Kevin and Luis. We then did about an hour at pace taking 5 minute turns on the front. In the evening I ran with Jo and Lotte to my sisters – that was a nice easy 90 minute run. I ran home as well – so three runs in the day helped me on the way to 30 in 30. As of last night we were 14 days into the 30 day block and I was on 16 runs.

The other training milestone since the last entry was at the weekend when I managed 100 milers both days and ran off the bike both days. First time since getting back into training. I did suffer on Sunday but battled through and feel it’s a real step forward.

Tuesday morning I had Gabriel for company. Did a really nice 75 mile 2 stop ride. First for bacon buttie and then for coffee and cake. We maintained the pace at a decent level. I got back and headed out of a quick 6 mile run. I managed it in 42 minutes which was great for my moral.

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