Kona Pictures


The official Kona photos arrived to today. The one above gives a good feel for the swim start. It was nice to get these today … I felt today I could finally let my enthusiasm to train erupt and then to get back to be able to inspire myself with these photos was great.

The back is feel much much improved. In fact this morning I thought it was 100% though by the end of a 110 mile bike ride it felt quite achey … so not completely there yet. Pretty tough ride for a first long one. I headed out with Gabriel and his brother in law. Could tell it would be a leg masher from the start when we belted through London at break neck speed. Not my normal leisurely start. Did me good as even when split off from them to get a longer ride done i kept the pace up. Completing the 110 miles in 6.75 hours – I would have been happy with that in the summer especially as the route was in Surrey so it was far from flat. I set the precedent by running off the bike – only managed 2 miles as my legs were toast. The key thing was getting out running … this must become a habit.

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