New Single Speed

Here’s a picture of my latest bike. Very pleased with it. Been put together based round my old Merckx frame – yes it has a bend in it – that was sufficient to warrant a new bike (the one in the background) but it seems a waste of the frame not to build up a knockaround bike. Jo kindly donated the wheels, chain, bars and levers. I had to buy crankset and saddle. Pretty chuffed with it.
My start into winter training really got a false start last week. My back just wasn’t up to it. I rested Friday, rode on Saturday but the back complained so I rested sunday, only swam monday and completely rested yesterday. Today I’m trying to start again. So far so good – ran 6.5 miles at lunchtime. Could still feel the back but unlike last week I didn’t feel it was effectly my running form so I’m happy to continue with the slight discomfort. Tonight is swimming which I’m really looking forward to due to how well I swam on Monday morning. After 3 weeks out I was swimming more or less as fast as before heading to Hawaii … hoping it continues tonight

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