It’s Sunday lunchtime and an absolutely gorgeous day outside, I’m bursting at the seams to be training so why am I sat writing this? Because of this blasted back. I feel so frustrated that a stupid incident during the week after the race, when the idea was rest and recuperation, can now skupper my plans to get back into training for Ironman New Zealand

I saw a physio on Thursday and he said it wasn’t anything major. Not a crushed vertebrae – Gabriel (an A&E consultant) had worried me a little about this during out Thursday morning ride. Seeing the physio was prompted also by how sore my back felt after a ride and run on Thursday. Both easy. Friday I rested.
Yesterday I went riding with Jo – it felt ok if I was sat nice and steady in the saddle but any twisting caused quite painful twinges. This was particularly bad everytime I had to stop. I tried running but managed about 5 minutes before deciding it wasn’t a good idea.

I’m hoping resting today will help. Boy oh boy feeling like I’m wasting such a nice day is gutting.

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