Final Key Sessions

Quickly writing this before I head to work. I’ve had a nice sleep in and a good breakfast following an excellent block of training where I’ve achieved a key session. If feels like things are coming together well.

After a good swim session on Wednesday night I got up bright and early and out on the fixed round Regents Park. I pushed it along deciding I wanted a solid few hours of effort. Kevin arrived early (about 4.15am) and I was already on my 4th lap. He seemed happy with the pace so we cracked on. He was planning to stay till 6.45am but by the time Damien got there  (6.15am) he was wasted and decided to call it a day. Damien is normally pacey so was happy cranking out the laps Gabriel arrived and joined in and then Sparky. Sparky (a new Tri London member) lasted about a lap and decided to go at his own pace.  The three of us took it in turns for long spells on the front. I did a whole lap at about 22mph and had the other boys looking pretty spent when I punctured. Race to get it fixed in a lap and just managed it. Then an American joined in – we’d seen him a few times on his Zipp Softride. We all got chatting. I’d been on the front and I’d decided to push it – he kindly said he’d take over and cranked it up to 24.5mph … we lost the other guys, did a half lap and met them coming the other way. I was going so well it was awesome. Met Jo for breakie – only thing between me and 80 miles was that darn puncture. 12 miles at lunchtime rounded off a great day.

Woke Friday so well rested I headed out and rode before swimming. Felt good for first half of swim then pretty shattered. By lunchtime my legs were shot and I knocked any idea of the run on the head aiming for rest ready for the weekend.

Aim for Saturday was to do 112 miles continuous on the bike followed by a run. I was meeting Jo at 5pm for a picnic then the cinema so I set my alarm early. It woke me at 6am but I thought get an extra hour and set off in the light. This I did and felt well rested but as soon as I was on the bike I realised that I now just wouldn’t have time. I also felt weak. By Potters Bar I’d knocked the plan on the head as I needed food. I ended up with 132 miles but no time for a run and vowing to get this session done Tuesday.

Sunday was a completely different day – felt strong again. Jo and I got out early and did a loop to Cobham where we split. I continued taking in a load of the Surrey Hills. Got another steady 130 miles in and then ran 8 miles of the bike at close to race pace. I felt like I could run forever and picked up the pace as I came back.

Monday – a classic focussed day. Swim / Bike / Run session. I managed to swim a 100s set based on 1.25 and felt like I was powering through the water with great technique. The bike was a little tough but managed to get 62 miles done with a bacon sarnie / coffee stop. Felt better after the first food of the day. Then out for a short sharp run. Pushed along for 3 miles. All done by 1pm – watched a movie, massage, food bed !

Tuesday – now the key day. Up and out on the bike at 6am. It was cold and made me realise I was looking forward to winter training. Had a cold steak and cheese before heading out. Went 5.5 hours before stopping to pee. Ended up completing 118 miles in 7h40 before getting back to Potters Bar where I stopped for a monster breakfast / lunch. So pleased with myself. Achieved more than I’d hoped – did the distance but the time was much longer as the conditions weren’t ideal. Proved something to myself about mental strength. Only had water the whole way showing that the fat burning is working. I cycled another 14 miles home then straight out to run. Plan was 6 miles but I felt so good I extended it to the full park and did an extra lap. Ended up 10 miles at just over my target race pace. Again felt strong towards the end and upped the pace as I returned.

Could this really be coming together so well ?

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