Solid Weeks Training


Tired in the morning so had a sleep in. A brisk 12 miles at lunchtime and squad swim in the evening. A fun session with main set based on 400s. Made it fun as I desperately tried to avoid the top two guys lapping me. On the final one they did and we ended up all three heading up the pool together – felt like a proper Tri swim which left us all buzzing.


Resting Monday and Wednesday certainly showed itself this morning. Was flying on the bike. Did my first 50 miles in 2.5 hours and that included getting to Regents Park. Then met up with the guys and did a session of short sharp sprints. Eating breakfast I felt smug having covered 76 miles in just over 4 hours. 11 mile run at lunchtime


Tired again and viewing this as an easier week didn’t try to cycle before squad swimming. 8.5 mile run at lunchtime. Hamstring holding out well.


Up at the crack of dawn … no earlier to get to Rutland Water for Vitruvian. Jo was competing and I was supporting. Headed out for a lap of the course at about 5.30am. Got back to transition in time to grab a sausage and bacon bap before wishing Jo luck and watching her start. Then sprinted off to check out where I could watch the run from before getting back to see the start of the bike. Jo was about 9th lady 3.5 minutes down. Then raced off round the course the opposite way to shout support. It was awesome fun – screaming at ALL the competitors “Looking Good”, “Keep pushing”, “you are looking so strong” etc… saw Jo had made up places to 3rd but had dropped about a minute. Only shouted that she was now 3rd. Kept heading round – next time I see Jo she’s still in 3rd but no gaining on leader. See her again halfway through second lap – now 2nd and only 2.5 minutes down. I bust a gut to try and cut cross country to see her again but just fail to be quick enough. Once I realise this I bust a gut to get to the run course. Sit on the dam and watch Jo come through – already in 1st ! There’s a girl looking strong about 45 seconds behind. Chill out there shouting support to everyone and getting lots of thanks for my support on the bike. Jo comes back looking strong. I head out to the turn around – grab a coffee and a fantastic chocolate flapjack. See Jo and no sign of the second place girl. Have to cycle all out to catch her again halfway back and then bust a gut to get to the finish. She WON !! National Champion. Awesome. Me – absolutely knackered having done 78 miles. At least now I just have to cycle to the B&B with a tail wind. Jo reckoned 60 minutes per AA website so I’m banking on about 50 miles. Oh no ! Jo hadn’t put in the B&B address just Kings Lyn… turns out to be more like 80 miles so I have to bust a gut to get there. End up covering 159 miles but still manage a 3 mile run of the back of it. Time enough to shower and head out for a delicious celebration meal. Totally exhausted I’m asleep as my head falls towards the pillow


Nice steady touristy ride with Jo. Nice lunch. 108 miles


Swim (4.5k) / Bike (40m) / Run (6m) – nice focussed session. Swimming well,  riding pants, running well. Legs must be feeling it after the weekend. Finished by noon in time for massage at 1pm before meeting my sister to head to “Little Kickers” with Jude. Really fun day.


Up early to drive out to Cycles Dauphin as taking in both mine and Jo’s TT bikes for a service before Kona. Headed out for a hilly 6 mile run. Then had a quick bite to eat before meeting John doing a quick circuit till the bike shop opened. Stopped for a coffee and dropped off the bikes. Did a fast flat loop round to Cranleigh for coffee and some lunch (found a great new coffee shop). Then a hilly loop back to Box Hill to collect the bikes. The guys in Cycle Dauphin told me I must have a very smooth pedalling action since my chain was showing no signs of wear after 2,000 miles. Good boost for my ego. I’d told Stuart about Jos win when I dropped off the bikes, he was clearly impressed as when I returned they all were talking about it ! John headed home whilst I did another 50 miles – initially taking in some hills then heading to some flat time trialy bits. Ended up with 132 miles in 8 hours. Packed bike and headed out for a 4 mile run. Great days training.


Knackered so slept in. 12 miler at lunchtime – brisk pace with slowly building over final few miles before easing off a little for final mile. Hamstring ok and felt good and strong. Very pleasing. Just need a good swim session tonight to be feeling on cloud nine ! This morning my weight and body fat % were at the levels they were at for Lanzarote and my resting HR was 36. All heading in the right direction with a few weeks still to get them lower and where I know they can / should be.

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