This mornings swimming session went really well. Hit 100s off 1.25 which was really quite pleasing. Finished with some one length sprints which I was doing alongside Luis. On the first couple I could see how his stroke was a lot slower than mine but every stroke he pulled away – a full body length by the whole length. I mentioned this and he said how he thought the last part of the stroke was key and I know this is something I need to concentrate on. He said he can tell when he’s doing it right cause he can feel it in his feet. This really hit home. I focussed on this for the rest of the sprints. With no more aerobic effort I was suddenly only dropping half a body length over the length. My triceps certainly ached but with work that muscular endurance will come. Felt like a real penny dropping moment. Also, my Blue Sevent pointzero3 suit has arrived. Supposedly the bees knees and what anyone who’s anyone will be wearing at Kona. Rafael got one a few weeks back and tested it in the pool – reckons 4-5 seconds per hundred quicker ! Will report back once I’ve tested it.

Skipped swimming Wednesday night cause Jo was a little down and has been pretty tired since Vitruvian. I advised rest and decided to spend an evening  in as well. Based on this mornings swim I don’t think it’s cost me. It did motivate me to get up real early on Thursday morning. 3.15am alarm went off ! No messing straight up and on the bike by 3.30am. Managed some good hard laps before Kevin arrived and finally Jo at just before 5am. The plan was to do 4 x (30 mins at race, 10 minutes easy). I was managing about 3.75 laps in 30 minutes which translates to about 20 mph – quite please given how windy it was. This was a tough session. By the time we sat down for breakfast I’d done 76 miles in just under 4.5 hours. Not bad for a pre work workout !

On Wednesday got out for a fast 6.5 miler. Started easy and progressively increased the pace hitting race pace / just above for about a mile before the final mile easy back home. Felt hamstring tighten following the run so on Thursday and today did very gentle 8 miles – seems to have helped the hamstring ease off.

Weight is down to below what it was at Lanzarote. Resting HR was 33 this morning – getting close to all time lows. Feeling good. Swimming fastest all year, biking strongest all year. Running definitely not up to the level it was at going into Lanzarote but better than I could have hoped a month ago. Taper has started and now just need to focus on getting rest, not eating crap and not eating too much ! That can wait till we’re in Maui !

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