Back In Business

Things seem to be coming together at last. Resting heart rate is back down consistently under 40, weight is coming down steadily and my legs feel ok when running ! Very positive about it all now. Just keep it steady now for 3 weeks, get some decent running in and a good performance feels like it could be on the cards.

On Saturday I headed into Surrey on my time trial bike. My intention was to just do a pretty light easy ride. I’ve done so much riding over the past weeks I felt something just to spin out the legs would be ideal. It’s a good sign when 118 miles in 7 hours feels like an easy ride ! Spent 10 minutes stretching before heading out for a short run. I managed 3 miles but felt the hamstring was tightening. Spent Saturday evening feeling pretty concerned.

Sunday the plan was to do a long ride constantly pushing. I headed out to St Neots to try out a café I’d spotted last week. I got there (about 70 miles) with my average in the high 17 mph range. The café had a queue out the door … the locals clearly like it so I thought it was worth a try. It was good but I tell you if Market Café or Peoples Choice set up next door they wouldn’t have a chance. Back on the bike I pushed it along. I hit 112 miles in just over 6 hours – over the moon. Got home having done 146 miles in 8 hours – my fastest training ride ever. Did loads of stretching whilst watching the World Triathlon Championship on TV and then ran the 2.5 miles to Janes for dinner. Not a single twinge in the hamstring. Even ran back without a problem.

Monday morning I slept right through my alarm for swimming. That’s a sign I need my rest. I slept 10 hours and decided to have a rest day. I pottered at home, went to the cinema, had a massage and got an early night. Well chuffed that on a rest day I ate well – didn’t go having loads of crappy cakes and such like.

This morning I decide to catch the train out to Epsom. It was nice to sit on there going the opposite way to all the commuters and drink a large cup of coffee and eat a cinnamon and raison bagel with cream cheese and peanut butter – yummy. Set me up just right. Did a very convoluted route to Cranleigh before taking in several hills back to Box Hill. Got back having completed 124 miles in 7h44m. I’d decided I need to test out the hamstring so went straight out to run without stretching. Did 6.5 miles at 8 minute mile pace. After about a mile I thought perhaps the hamstring was starting to tighten but it didn’t. Completed the whole run on cloud 9 !!

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