Tight Hamstring

The lack of running is getting a little frustrating now! Am being careful as I’d prefer to get to Kona with virtually no run training but un injured than eek out some miles now but not get this hamstring tightness cleared up. But boy oh boy is it frustrating. On Wednesday I go out at lunchtime and it feels good but I’m strict with myself and just do 30 minutes resisting the temptation to just keep running. I see the physio Thursday morning and it’s all looking good then go out on Thursday lunchtime – do a very gentle 6.5 miles – the hamstring tightens a little and I can still feel it today. This lunchtime I went to the gym (final day of my membership), do 15 minutes on the stepper to warm up the muscles then spend 30 minutes stretching. Not sure it’s made much difference. Heading to the gym for the first time in a couple of months confirms I’m doing the right thing cancelling it. I really didn’t like the atmosphere in there.

This has meant the cycling has been cranked up in compensation. Just finished my highest weekly mileage of the year ! Sat 161m, Sun 151m, Mon 171m, Tues 152m, Wed 44m, Thurs 71m and this morning 31m to bring up a hefty 781 miles for the week ! It also means I’ve ridden 16 consecutive days. I’ve done this for the past couple of years – had a period of getting out for a reasonable ride every day for an extended period. The aim being to engrain some muscle memory.

Swimming is ticking along. Sticking to club sessions and am swimming strongly. Overall preparations, though not as good as I’d like, are going well.

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