Bank Holiday Big Bike Miles

Still having problems with getting going on the running. Had another physio session on Friday and held off running since and it is much improved. In fact, it now doesn’t feel sore but I’m of course nervous to get back out on it. Decided to postpone trying it out till tomorrow since I felt so tired this morning.

Why so tired ? Well I’ve done monster bike mileage in the past week. In fact, my biggest mileage this year:  tue: 143, wed: 36, thurs: 66, fri: 27, Sat: 161, Sun: 151, Mon: 171 to give 755 miles for the week. Writing this now whilst waiting for John to arrive – we’re heading out to Sudbury so should manage another 100 miles or so today. Been feeling really good on the bike – those 755 miles were done at an average of 16.7 mph.

Swimming has gone surprisingly well. After about 10 days of no swimming I got back into last week and did all the club sessions. I was going well. Friday morning was a tough session doing 4 x ( 4×100, 400) where the repeat time for the 4 x 100 reduced and the 400 was race pace. I hit the 400s on about 5.55 cruising so quite pleased but would like to be 10 seconds quicker for same effort. I did the 100s off 1.45, 1.40, 1.35 and 1.30. Very tiring set. Lucky I could run so the rest of the day was recovery.

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