Post Lanza Recovery

I’m stuck at home as I have a very dodgy tummy. It’s feeling significantly better and I’m now trying to tentatively eat something and see how it goes. I weighed myself Saturday morning and then next time was Tuesday morning after being hit by this dodgy stomach and I’d lost 12 lbs ! No wonder I feel so drained.

It’s been a huge period of rest since the race. Did nothing till the Wednesday when I tried a lunchtime run. Felt good but hitting the down ramp to the canal my leg felt cramp like so I stopped and walked back. A massive 1.5 miles completed ! I swam that evening and was swimming well. Then on Thursday morning got out for laps of Regents Park – short and steady. Total rest on Friday.

The decision to enter the Tour of Wessex proved very wise as it got me back out doing some decent training. Post such a big race I tend to get a massive lull in motivation (which I’m still feeling). The Tour of Wessex was just the tonic. On Saturday we headed out on the 100 mile route in beautiful weather. I felt strong and got caught up in all the excitement getting into groups of riders and doing my share of the work at the front. Completed in 5h36 which I was quite pleased about.

Sunday I did the 100 miler – most other Tri Londoners canned it due to the weather. It was miserable. Rained the whole time and was windy. I felt completely lacking in strength and ended up doing most of the route on my own. It was the best I could do to keep going completing in 6h43.

Monday was the long ride (131 per my computer) – the weather was good and early on we got into a massive peloton of riders. It was great fun, I was up front doing a lot of the work. After the feed station we got onto this section of road and I started to push it – keeping the speed at 22-23mph. I spent 20-25 minutes on the front and when I decided to sit up and make sure Jo was still with us I found I had about 15 riders strung out behind me. One guy said he’d buy me a coffee. I eased off to find Jo but she’d been dropped. Without me on the front the pace of the group dropped by a good couple of mph which made me feel good. Had a similar spell after the next feed station. Had Gabriel on my wheel and two other guys and we belted along this valley often at 25+mph! Great fun. On the final climb I felt it a little and was dropped by the group but managed to catch them at the final feed station. I promised myself to stick with them but it turned out I was feeling relatively good and did more than my fair share on the front. When someone said there was only 5 miles to go I went to the front and said “lets get home” and kicked the pace up several MPH. It was brutal and when someone took over on the front it felt no easier !! Bugger. The 5 miles turned out to be more like 10 and the sudden change in pace had dropped some of the group but we all enjoyed it – quite a laugh going at that sort of pace.

Coming home on Monday night my tummy rebelled and we ended up having to stop at consecutive service stations. I then had a broken nights sleep. Yesterday I went to bed at 4pm, woke at 11.30pm, had something to eat and back to bed waking again at 7.30am this morning. So the Tour of Wessex got me back into training and now this has knocked me for six again. With only 3.5 weeks till Ironman Switzerland I hope this clears up soon.

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