Lanzarote Ironman Analysis

It’s been awhile since the last entry largely because of travelling to Lanzarote for the Ironman. A race report has been posted.

I did a proper taper for 10 days prior to this race and was incredibly excited to find out the effects of all the training I’ve managed to do. Once in Lanzarote and doing my final preparations I got even more excited. First of all my swimming felt good and then when I did bursts on the bike I felt awesome. Finally we ran a lap of the course – I felt totally comfortable and we managed a lap in 52 minutes – on race day that would equate to a 3.28 marathon … I knew I would be quicker.

My wetsuit was stolen on Wednesday night – far from ideal but once I’d managed to borrow one for the race I could put it in perspective and think how it had taken my mind off the race for a while and was probably for the best.

The race itself was awesome. On the bike I felt invincible … I kept pushing and didn’t feel I was tiring. I was cutting through the field. I went from 38th to 15th during the bike leg. Unheard of. It’s done my confidence the world of good. I feel like a good cyclist something I would not have said prior to this race. The bike leg was my best leg ! Swimming my worst ! Then to run a 3.20 marathon with more or less even splits. The first lap was quicker then the last three were within 18 seconds of each other and I felt strongest on the final lap. With hindsight I should have been less conservative at the start. Again this is opposite to all previous Ironman races where I’ve gone off quick and at 10 miles had a step change in pace that has remained to the end of the race.

At the end of it all I was 16th overall and third in my age group. Totally gobsmacked. There were only 7 pro’s ahead of me and if I’d been racing as a Pro I would have got a Pro Hawaii slot. This really got me thinking how awesome it would be to race Hawaii as a pro. Looking at the guys that beat me in my age group I can see that I can be winning these – I’m quicker on the swim, competitive on the bike now and know I can do the sort of marathon required to win. My marathon time in Longest Day would have won it. I know I can improve in all disciplines but also know that if I put together times I currently can do in each I can win these events.

My stated goal for this was sub 10 hours and top 3 in my age group. I was 3rd and did 9:46:32. I thought sub 10 was an optimistic target so this is awesome. For Switzerland in just over 4 weeks the target is sub 9.30 and top 3 a gain. This time I think the sub 9.30 is very achievable but the top 3 perhaps more difficult. I’m imagining Laurent Jalabert will be in the mix … it would be awesome to be on the podium with him.

Since the race I’ve had 3 days of complete rest both from  training and from careful eating … ie I’ve eaten crap and enjoyed it. Now feeling that I should get back into it so tomorrow morning the training starts again.

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