Getting Back Into It

  Slowly but surely I’m getting back into the swing of training. Though today I feel really quite tired and am largely resting. I managed to get up for a swim this morning and was swimming well. It was a tough session – 4.8km with a 3.6km main set. Ran there and back as usual. Following breakfast I had a snooze and slept till 1pm so am now planning taking it easy for the rest of the day. I’m meeting Jane and Jude this evening for some dinner and to get my Birthday present.

Couple of photos included with this entry. Two shots from Lanzarote – hoping will motivate me. Less than three weeks to Ironman Switzerland and it feels like I’ve not yet recovered from the previous one. Hoping to get some more hard training in but it’s looking less likely by the day.

I’ve booked in to see a sports psychologist on Thursday and he’s given me some rather tricky questions to answer:

  1.     What do you want from the session?
  2.     What will that do for you?    
  3.     How will you know when you’ve got it?
  4.     What stops you?

Makes you think!

Last Thursday following a early morning bike session I still didn’t feel great so spent the day resting. Friday felt a little better and managed the new Friday morning coached swim session. Another tough one. At lunchtime I went out for a run with Stephen. First proper run since the race. Didn’t feel too bad.

Saturday was my birthday and it was a great day. Jo and I went for a couple of beers on Friday night. Then up early Saturday morning and on the bikes by 4.10am – we cycled a huge loop up towards Cambridge and then back south stopping after 5 hours at Buntingford for delicious croissants and coffee. Then did another few hours to Epping where we grabbed some lunch. Jo headed back whilst I headed no for another 5 hours of fun. A big loop round back to potters Bar. These very long rides slowly wear you down and by the time I got home at just before 7pm I felt completely exhausted. I’d managed 207 miles in just under 13 hours of cycling. I got a great Rapha cycling top from Jo that matches my new bike!! And she’d baked a  lovely raspberry and white chocolate egg custard. We went out for a massive curry. My legs ached like you wouldn’t believe, I couldn’t get comfortable and wondered whether I’d be able to get to sleep. Luckily I’d plucked up the courage to soak them in a cold bath immediately after the ride. It’s a great feeling being so completely exhausted. You sleep so well it makes it completely worth it just for that !

An even better feeling is getting up the next day and feeling strong on the bike again. Jo and I set off just before 7am for Brighton. As planned we looped round at Ditchling. We bumped into John there which was really nice.  From Ditchling we went west and then north to Horsham and Dorking before heading home. Managed 136 miles in just under 9 hours. Both of us were certainly completely nuked !

Guess that could explain my tiredness today!

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