Pre Lanza

Tomorrow I set off for Lanzarote for a training week with Jo and John. The aim for me is largely to get a big week of consistent bike mileage in. On my own that would mean 100 miles everyday but I will adjust this as required to make the most of having company. Also would like to get some quality runs in and some running off the bike but it will be much reduced mileage on what I’ve been doing recently. As for swimming, a few open water swims would round it off perfectly.

On top of this it’s – eat well, get enough sleep every night and get a tan !

I’m feeling in good form for it. My resting HR was down at 34 again this morning. My calf seems to have cleared up. On Wednesday I continued with holding off on the bike to give it a chance to clear up since training through it last week and not improved it. So wednesday morning did a steady 9 miles, lunchtime 12 miles and I ran to and from swimming. Having done large swim yardage on Monday and Tuesday I thought I may be abit tired at swimming. Far from it ! I was swimming like a dream. ~Very pleased.

Yesterday morning I did the usual Regents Park laps. I met Luis early for some laps, then Gabriel joined us and finally Jo. I did 50 miles and my calf felt fine. In fact, come lunchtime I was absolutely flying on my run. Knocking out 7 minute miles and feeling completely comfortable. I was out in a new pair of racing flats which may have egged me on, Potentially my race shoes for this year. They felt great under foot but unfortunately rubbed the top of one of my toes – made for a painful first few minutes in the shower. I’ve a feeling this rubbing isn’t something that will go with time so these shoes may not be of huge use to me.

This morning I decided to knock cycling on the head. feel it’s best to be on the safe side and give my calf another day. Instead I headed into work bright and early so that I could go to the pool mid morning when it would be empty. Did my long swim – 6k straight, followed by 200m pull and 100m swim down. Lunchtime run of 9 miles… legs felt shot but battled through, even had 10 minutes at pace on the way bike. A brief moment of feeling great.

A very good week ahead of Lanzarote. I eased off the bike and allow my calf to settle down. Still managed 181 miles. Inevitably this meant an increase in run miles – did 121 miles – highest weekly mileage of the year. But the real pleasing part of the week is getting 25k of swimming done. By far the biggest swim week of the year but most importantly it’s got me into the routine of extra sessions and doing long swims. Really feel that on return from Lanza this will continue and it’ll set me up big time for Ironman Lanzarote in May.

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