27k Week

Ronan – your comment has confirmed that my previous entry came across totally not as I intended. Must admit I’ve had this problem with emails and the like before so I should be more careful. I didn’t have any begrudgers. In fact, it may be the fact that I can’t articulate very well why I train like I do. It was more I found it very difficult to explain what I’m doing and why in a way that made me feel I’d got across what drives me. The car analogy is apt for me because alot of what I train for is to test my limits. It happens at all levels with me and todays swim was no exception – I ended up doing 5.5k straight swim – it was a mental battle – I just wanted to see if I could do it. Already wondering about trying 10k straight.  My comments yesterday were really that  if u try and explain what I am doing and why it’s far easier to explain to someone thats had a little experience of training with a target in mind than someone that didn’t. I enjoyed the party but realised there was a risk of missing training through lack of sleep – I’d thought I’d nailed it when I ran early but didn’t manage the run. I’m pretty consistent with this – if I don’t get enough sleep I have to have all my sessions back to back – any time to rest and it goes to pot.


It may have proved a blessing in disguise. I’d had this tight calf and I ended up not riding Sunday, don’t normally ride on Monday. During Mondays long run my calf felt great, so knocked big ride today on the head. Turbo tonight felt good so wonder whether it’s all helped clear up that niggle.

It has meant that now for 4 days on the trot i’ve done a run of 2+ hours. Yesterday I managed 21 miles and today 20 miles. It means my week to date run miles are 109 !! highest of the year. Despite this today I felt totally comfortable and realised that the thing that would stop me running wasn’t fatigue but boredom or lack of time.

It’s also meant I had a couple of big days swimming. yesteday I did a 9km session – warm up, pulling, big pyramid set then 4.4k pull followed by a swim down. Today was a straight 5.5k steady state swim. Means my week to date swim total is 22.5k. Another little milestone met.

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