Lanzarote Training Week

Fantastic weeks training. Very happy with the volumes achieved and how strong I felt on the bike.

Here’s a summary:
Run, Bike, Hours
Sunday 8m / 103m / 7h50m
Monday 7m / 122m / 8h48m
Tuesday 10.5m / 119m / 9h32m
Wednesday 11.5m / 105m (IM course / 4m (off the bike) / 9h5m
Thursday 10m / 81m / 7h20m
Friday 11m / 16m / 3H55m
Saturday  100m / 6h25m

This gives me my biggest weeks hours and highest bike mileage. Very satisfied given the conditions and terrain (ie very windy and lots of nice long steady hills). Can now understand why people like going to Lanzarote for training.


Following a late arrival on Saturday night and a couple of beers we decided to hit the ground running – quite literally – went for a run before breakfast. Establishing the precedent and routine for the week. We’d been messed around with our booking and as compensation (we didn’t even complain) were changed to half board from B&B. This proved fantastic as the buffet breakfast and dinner were excellent providing lots of fresh fruit, veg, salad etc… allowing for a very healthy diet and allowing me to largely ‘go paleo’ ;o) It also meant we didn’t have to worry about shopping and cooking and I could get a good fill of breakfast and aim to do all my riding on little or no food.

After breakfast we got out on the bikes and explored the north of the island taking in the major climbs of Mirador del Rio  and Mirador del Haria. Superb cycling, even into the wind.  Managed 103 miles in under 7 hours. Not bad for a first day.


Routine now established – up before breakfast for a 7 mile run. Set off in the dark and saw the sun rise – very nice. Managed 122 miles on the bike today – exploring the south of the Island. Much more desolate. We managed the first 40 miles in little over 2 hours – wind on our backs. Riding back into the wind and climbing Femes made for a tougher second half to the ride. Jo had got into the swing of things when at the bottom she said we should turn round and go back up to make sure we’d done it the hardest way. It confirmed the way we went up first was toughest !


10.5 miles before breakfast today. John arrived yesterday and joined us for todays ride. We did loops taking in the climb of Mirador del Haria multiple times. I added on a few loops including Tabayesco which is an awesome climb. Notched up 119m in about 8 hours.


Ironman course today. Kicked the biggest days training off with a 11.5 mile pre breakie run. We cycled most of the course today except the bit in and out of Puerto del Carmen. A really nice course though abit tough. I pushed hard on each of the major climbs – Fire  Mountain, Mirador del  Haria and Mirador del Rio – each was into the wind. I felt strong. Yes it’s a tough course but interesting and varied. Managed to run 4 miles off the bike. Enjoyed pushing the pace for the final couple of miles.


Jo had a rest day today so it was only John and I out on the bike. I did a 10mile run pre breakfast before meeting John and heading north to start the day up Tabayesco. The 13 km along the LZ1 were brutal. It took us over 40 minutes. By way of contrast on Saturday we did the same section in just over 20 minutes. The wind was strong. Turning into the climb was a pleasure as it was sheltered – we took it steady and enjoyed a good chat. By the top of Mirador del Rio the wind was on out backs and we hurtled along south right down and over Fire Mountain. The descent from there is awesome – unfortunately cars ahead of us prevented 50+ mph !! We headed up Femes from the easy side. Descending gave an idea of the wind strength now as it was very hairy to stay upright. Coming round El Golfo I was on the front when a gust stopped me dead, john, on my wheel had no chance and crashed into the lava field. Luckily we weren’t going fast but he was a little cut up. The road to Playa Blanca was awesome – so fast with the wind behind. Then the climb up Femes, the hard way, into the wind. It was brutal. Took 45 mins to cover 7km. The final climb was very scary as it was virtually impossible to keep forward movement and the wind was pushing u around the road.

We stopped for a coffee and to raise our courage. We’d had to lay our bike on the ground cause of the wind. Heading back down Valle de Femes was terrifying – at one point I was learning 45 degrees to the left to balance against a gust thinking “wow u stayed upright” – next thing a massive gust hits me and I crash into the barrier =- badly cutting up my shin, knee and wrist. Very lucky not to break my leg. John, who was on my wheel, had no chance and went down. We could hardly stand up. We had to push our bikes and when gusts hit stop and braze ourselves against out bikes. A terrifying nervy decent brought us to the LZ2. This was no better – I was blown into the dirt twice before I decided it was way to dangerous and started pushing. John had decided likewise and we pushed about 3kms (having to stop whenever a bus passed or there was a gust) – we had a decent into Puerto Calero where we got a cab back. We were so relieved. Went out for big dinner and beers to give Jo an ear bashing about how terribly the conditions were


Wind still very very strong so no cycling today. I  ran 11miles before breakfast. We had an hours chill out before heading for a long run – 16 miles including an ascent  of a caldera. It was so windy we could hardly stand up on the top. Spent the afternoon chilling out in Puerto del Carmen over a leisurely lunch.


Day of travel home. Disappointed I didn’t run before breakfast but my legs felt shot. We all headed out on the bike. Jo had a race pace Brick session which John and I tagged along on. This meant we had a good solid 3.5 hours at Jos’ race pace – went up  Tabayesco to top of Mirador del Haria, turned and went over Mirador del Ria, back along to Teguise and up Mirador del Haria again. Jo headed back for her run. I headed over Mirador del Rio again and back up Haria via Tabayesco before doing a stretch into the wind to get my 100 miles in. Not bad for a travel day.

Absolutely awesome week. Only shame is the biking lost to the wind.

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