Went to a party last night and was told that this blog was “Boring, well boring in an interesting way”. It was said good humouredly by someone that was reading it. It was boring cause it talked only about training and food. I hadn’t realised the extensive references to food but I guess I do. I don’t see it becoming any more than that – it’s purpose is for me to sound off about my training and to allow a small number of people who have shown a real interest in my race results over the past couple of years the opportunity to follow my training in this important year.

At the party it was hit home again how non athletes just cannot, in general, comprehend why someone would train like I do. I can’t comprehend someone that does no exercise whatsoever and often then laughs about it. I think – imagine if u had a car that got faster, stronger, more reliable and more efficient by you driving it – you’d think it a miracle. Well we’re all living out our lifes in such a thing. Perhaps the lack of exercise for so long makes people forget just how much better you feel when fit and healthy.

I had considered not going to the party but because some old friends were there I made the effort. Why not go – largely because of the disruption it innevitably has the following day. And yes, despite leaving early, 9.30pm it’s had that impact. It would have been a late night anyway but crappy tubes (which I use so rarely – this confirms why) meant an even later night.

I did manage to get up early enough to do what I’d planned. I ran for 2 hours and then had some breakfast. I was thinking about getting my bike ready when I realised how exhausted I was so planned an hours sleep. It’s now almost 4 hours later, 12.30 and I’ve not gone out. I don’t feel good about this, i’ll now not get a long bike done. With this level of training getting enough sleep is absolutely critical. I think now I will adjust my day – think I will head for a swim and do another run  rather than head out on the bike. What I can’t face is heading out through the traffic – by not leaving early I’ve missed my opportunity.

I took a rest day on Friday. I managed a gentle 4km swim in about 70 minutes. Yesterday was great – got up and ran. Felt awesome and ran 15 miles in a couple of hours. Jo and I headed out on the bikes to have breakfast in Potters Bar before continuing. We managed 4 punctures between us before we got out of Potters bar but then managed the whole of the rest of the ride puncture free. Managed to change one of the inner tubes in 7 minutes ! So i could argue it’s good practice.

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