Low Key Day

Yesterdays ride really took it out of me. I was wide awake this morning at about 3.30am and was thinking how great it was that I was well rested and would be well up for 6am swim session. By 5.30am I just felt so tired again that I decided sleep was much more important that going swimming.

I had a nice leisurely breakfast before taking my Merckx in for a service. That bike has been through so many miles in the past year in alsorts of weathers that it is desperate need of an overhaul. Getting a new compact crankset on it, near front wheel built up and a general service. can’t wait to get it back. The bike shop has asked if I’ll write a piece about my Moots MTB for their website. As usual I managed to spend a good 30 minutes in the shop shooting the breeze and looking at bikes. Pity I have my fixed as they showed me a lovely Independent Fabrication fixed frame – I’m sure I’d look great on it. Made me think that perhaps next year I will finally get to buy my dream road bike !

Straight from the shop I did a 1h40 run to Battersea park to meet my sister and nephew. The weather was ok initially but by the time I got to the park it was dreadful. I did a lap before seeing Jane and just jumping in the car and back to hers for lunch. I had hoped to swim and gym this afternoon but felt too tire and preferred to get rested up for tomorrows training. I bought 200 Triathlon magazine and relaxed in a coffee shop before coming back home and watching a DVD. Plan now is for a very early night. Tomorrow should be full on.

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