Brake Woes

I am exhausted. Just completed my longest ride of the year and it was on my fixed so I pedalled every inch of the distance. Managed 117 miles in 7 hours 46 minutes. Headed out with the group from the Tri Club, then continued briefly with Jo to get a coffee in Epping. Then from 3 hours onwards on my own. It was a lovely day and I just headed out into Essex and explored till my ride time was at 5 hours, then headed for Great Dunmow and home. The farmers shop at White Roding came up trumps again with some cooked sausage – nicely accompanied with tomatoes and a cup of coffee. The last couple of hours were very very tough. Being on the fixed means there’s no let up, even the downhills take some work. Very pleased with the ride.

Friday morning I managed to get up for my long run. Did a 2 hour run and as expected was in a superb mood for the whole day having completed it.

Yesterday I headed out to Box Hill with Jo (she was doing the Box Hill fell race – she won!) – I cycled whilst she raced and then we cycled back together. I’d been hoping for about 8 hours of riding and 120 miles but the combination of Jo getting a puncture on the way out and me having a mechanical limited me to 105 miles in just under 7 hours. It does mean I’ve managed to maintain my two centuries per weekend.

Now my mechanical – scary stuff. Descending Leith Hill and my front brake sheers off. It’s still attached to the cable so not only am I descending at speed trying to bring myself to a stop with only my back brake but the front brake is bouncing off my front wheel. I cautiously cycled to Cycles Dauphin to get it repaired. I’ve gotta be honest – I was very lucky indeed.

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