Big Day

This is turning into a proper days training.

Wide awake and keen to get out at 5.30am. Hit the road early for a 2 hour run. Bumped into Tilly and ran with her for 20 minutes and discussed her marathon preparations.

Back home for a lovely omelette breakfast with a cup of coffee and breakfast TV then out on the fixed by just after 9am. It was a beautiful day and pretty soon I’d decided to make the most of the weather and not dash back for a swim and the gym. Instead I did a 6.5 hour ride. The first 4 hours were into the wind and was very hard work. Coming back with the wind was nice and fast but by then my legs were aching an awful lot and being on the fixed meant I couldn’t free wheel with the wind. I rode continuously for 5.5 hours before stopping at the Costa in Epping for a coffee and muffin before cycling back into town.

Only thing left for the day is a 75 minute turbo with Jo in about an hour. That should be enough to get me sleeping soundly.

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