Ghee whizz guvnor was it windy this morning. Totally up for cycling this morning round Regents Park. Blowing a gale and raining but not as bad as I’d prepared myself for. In fact, the wind made it more interesting as there were ultra fast sections where I was spinning out my fixed and ultra tough sections where it was like going up a 15% hill. Only managed 11 laps before heading back for the usual greasy spoon breakie.

Didn’t feel I’d had enough of the wind so headed out for a 9 miler with Stephen from work. It’s the strongest winds I’ve felt in London virtually blowing us off our feet at times. Brutal coming back into the wind. As we came through Hackney we here a smash of glass and we duck. Looking up, some guy on the 5th floor had opened his window and it had been blown out of his hands and smashed againts the wall.

Word had been going round on egroups and chat channels that perhaps best to avoid training in this weather – by this point I was sitting pretty (and feeling slight smug) with two sessions under my belt. Feels like a significant step forward in my preparations as I feel that old drive to get out and train again. That drive will be put to the test tomorrow with a scheduled long run in the morning and easy run at lunchtime.

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