Pleased As Punch

Not sure that the phrase but I’m chuffed with myself. My ankle was niggling over the weekend so I decide to not run monday and tuesday. This morning I ran and it was aok. Skipped my planned lunchtime run today so as not to overwork it. But it feels I’ve done the right thing and managed to nip it in the bud.

Decided to switch this week and next week so that this is now a recovery week and next week will get back into build mode.

Yesterday I cycled down to Surrey for a bike fitting for my new TT machine. All went well and I sploshed the dosh – ie the deposit is paid and come mid march I will (with luck) have my ride for the season. The weather wasn’t nice yesterday but still managed a 71 mile ride around the bike fitting and then did a 80 minute turbo in the evening.

Only a swim left to do today.

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