First Full Weekend

First proper weekend of Ironman training this weekend. Both days followed the same format – run,  breakfast, ride. On Saturday I did 8.5 miles and then headed down to Surrey – got a 103 mile ride done in 6.45. Sunday I did a 5 mile run, then some laps of Regents park on the bike before meeting up for a club ride. It was a lovely day and the pace was alot better than I’d expected. Managed almost identical to Saturday in distance – 103m in 6.44 through the lovely lanes of Essex.

I’d noticed abit last week that I had a slight niggle in my right leg – about halfway between my ankle and my lower calf, on the inside. It hurt briefly at the start of my run yesterday but eased off completely but then last night it wasn’t that comfortable and ached alot. As  a result I’ve decided that today I will rest from running and cycling (shame really as I’m really motivated to train) and instead limit myself to swimming and gym work.

Already been for a swim this morning. 4100m session. Was leading the lane, not cause I was fastest but because the other guys are dossers ;o) Anyway, happy to do it as it makes for a better session. Hoping to get at least one more swim in today.

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