First Part Time Day Of The Year

My first part time day of the year and it started so well. Wide awake at 5.11am and my heart rate at 38. Getting back to the days of summer – recovering quickly from a hard weekend of riding.

6am – fast asleep and missed swimming. Not too concerned about this since last year my swimming went very well with just two months high yardage (20k per week) in the run up to Florida. Aim is to get something like this throughout the year but if sessions are missed it’s best if they’re swimming ones.

Mid morning I got out for a 12 mile run. Completed in just over 90 minutes. My legs felt heavy after the weekend but loosened off. The first of many runs on tired legs and am very pleased.

Rest of the day has been taking it easy – met my sister for lunch and then played with my nephew for an hour before ambling home. Gonna watch a DVD and get an early (8pm) night.

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