Lack Of Motivation

Early night last night and a good 9.5 hours of excellent sleep. Woke this morning with a resting HR of 36 which is great not far off where I was for the early part of last year.

Boy what a wind this morning on my run. RUnning along embankment past The Tate it virtually brought me to a standstill. It was exhilarating especially on the return run with it on my back – was motoring for a couple of miles. Ended up a steady 8.5 miles in 68 minutes.

Motivation has been lacking today. I’ve felt lethargic and tired. I’m trying to careful not to do it early on as there’s a risk in just getting straight back to the volumes I was doing in the summer. This is how I’ve convinced myself that knocking all my planned sessions other than turbo on the head to day is in my best interests. I guess it’s just frustrating to think I’m not fully utilizing this part time days though getting some decent rest (I slept for an hour this afternoon) is good use of the time.

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