Trouble At Mill

It was all going hunky dory with this Blog and then BAM … trouble at mill. God knows what happened but when publishing / saving it complained about a missing file. The only solution was to delete yesterdays entry. Anyway … I took copies of yesterdays and todays:


Pleased to say I stuck to my own advice: “Make sure you get out and ride on the first wet weekend of the winter as it sets the right precedent.”

This was not just some little ride in the rain. This was 116 miles in about 7.5hours with not a moment of dry weather. Met Gary and we road the first 100 miles non stop before getting a coffee at Costa in Epping. The thought of the coffee kept me going for the 3 hours prior to the stop.

Very pleased, I felt strong especially in the second half and did the whole ride without any food. It may have been wise to have something at Costa but I didn’t, as a result I started feeling a little light headed as I approached home. All is well now as I’m munching away at one of  my favourites – a banana mashed together with some nut butter (this time hazelnut) and then that mixed up with celery, tomato, almonds and hazelnuts.

I feel like I’m now back into proper Ironman training as I managed to do an hours run before the ride

Really gonna enjoy vegging in front of the TV tonight.


Slept really well last night and woke way before my alarm. Was even tempted to run before the bike but thought better of it. Well recovered as my resting HR was at 43.

Given this I was expecting the ride to be great … it was but not till the second half. The first half was more rain and very heavy legs. Battled through knowing that I’ll start getting back to where I was if I can manage the back to back 100 milers. Today was 101 miles in just under 7 hours – pleased given wind and it being a Surrey Ride.

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