Frustration09.jpgI am back in training but it’s very frustrating. Is there something about this time of year or it being post Hawaii but my motivation has been very up and down. For instance, right now it looks lovely outside and I’m dithering about getting out on my bike. I’m writing this instead. I can’t decide whether I’m just being a wuss and should get on with it or whether it’s that I’m drained and should rest. Part of me knows that it’s because I’ve not been eating well.

My cold slowly started to clear up last week in time to head to Taunton to spend some time with Jo. I arrived and headed out for a run in the lanes around there. I took a wrong turn and ended up with a slightly longer run than I’d planned but it was great. I was running along thinking this is bizarre I’m suddenly running at a decent pace, feeling good and no pain. I did 12 miles in 1h40. I was chuffed. Great start.

I’d decided that I would leave at least two days between runs to give it a chance to recover. So the weekend I got out and did a couple of rides of just over 80 miles. Good fun. Monday saw me out for just over 50 miles and a short swim. Again not too bad. But yesterday felt just not in to it and took a rest day. now today feel pretty much the same.

As for the foot. There have been aches and pains as before built up over the past two days. Didn’t feel them at all the day of the run or the day after but now it just doesn’t feel quite right. Nothing dramatic just not the sort of ache where I feel it’s to be expected, the sort of ache that indicates the body adapting. I’ll admit it’s playing on my mind and I’m starting to imagine what I’d do if I can’t get back to decent run training. At the moment I feel I’ll give it till Ironman Lanzarote and if I’m not running properly there then it will be time for a year out from competition to just completely remove the pressure to run.

As for Busselton my ambitions and goals there are changing. I’ve not felt great on the bike since my illness and my swimming has been minimal. For now I will keep my eye on New Zealand and start my build for that and just have Busselton as something that happens along the way. You never know taking this relaxed attitude could be the key to a pleasing performance.

By the way – the photo is of a lovely road on the Blackdown Hills. Taken at about 3pm on Monday just as the mist was finally clearing for the first time that day.

Here’s another one:

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