Non Stop In London

NonStopInLondon.jpgIt’s been a hectic few days … no not because of setting those two things up.

Firstly all the travel. Overnight to San Francisco, a day there wandering around and catching up with an old friend before an overnight flight (first class this time) back to London. Since  being here I’ve had a lot to do. Luckily my plans to get back to formal training don’t start till this Monday.

On Wednesday I saw my physio. She was pleased with how my toe had handled the race and felt there wasn’t much more she could do. In the evening I coached my first full squad session. Really really enjoyed it.

Thursday I saw the podiatrist. He did some gait analysis and should have me some inserts to try next week. He felt I was not only week in that big toe but also it was tight, combined with this there is tightness in that calf and the achilles of that foot. He can see me favouring the toes of that foot rather than the big toe and without that being corrected I will just continue to get these niggles as I increase my run volume. I walked in in my Vibram FiveFingers shoes and we chatted about them. He was quite open minded about them and said there were two schools though he didn’t seem to squarely fit in either. He certainly didn’t say they were going to do me any harm but the inserts that will help force me to use the big toe can’t be used in them.

I’ve also taken on two new athletes to coach which provides an initial overhead to set up but it’s quite exciting work to do. Jo similarly has got some new athletes and we’ve other potential ones. So we’re getting rather excited about this and are putting a little extra work in to our coaching website before we start to try and publicise it. If any of you are interested: As part of this I dug out links to a series of two very interesting articles on healthy diet which I though some of you may be interested in. They may at least make you question the advice thats touted by the media an government:

Today I got back into some form of training this is the start of easing back in over the weekend before hitting full training weeks from Monday. I ran to the pool and it felt pretty good. 45 minutes. The foot ached quite a lot in the pool so the daft thoughts of running back as well were sensibly knocked on the head. I felt good in the pool and even managed a couple of 100s on 1:12 ! Our coach said to me at the end that he can tell if I’m in the pool just by listening because my stroke is like a metronome. He said this was a good thing for a distance swimmer. I took it as a compliment.

The weather’s been gorgeous today which probably guarantees bad weather tomorrow when i’m heading out on the bike.

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