20,000 Mile Bar Tape

10000MileBarTapeThats what bar tape looks like after 20,000 miles. My Indie XS passed the 20,000 mile mark last week and it still has the original bar tape on it. I had to take it in to Mosquito Bikes  to show them it and tell them how impressed I was it had lasted that long. I also booked it in for a service and unsurprisingly it needs quite a lot of work. It’ll be like having a new bike.

My mum kindly bought me a speedfill bottle system. I’ve never liked the bottles behind my saddles but had little other option until now. I will be testing it out over the coming weeks and will report here how I find.

Today my new Zipp 404 Powertap rear wheel arrived. Have ordered a Garmin to work with it and a disc cover hopefully in time for the ETU Long Course. Can’t wait to try it out and I’ll report on it here when I do.

Getting back in to the swing of training. Last week was my final week of recovery and it felt like it even though I did 26 hours of riding. Not much else – a single swim and a single run. I’m feeling awesome on the bike.

I’ve now got a couple of weeks of decent work before  heading to Spain for the European Long Course. My aim these couple of weeks is just to do aerobic work. I don’t want to tire myself. With so little time after Lanzarote there will only be a short taper for Spain.

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