Oomph! Race Gear

Thanks a million to Helen for sending me some great race photos. Better than the official ones. I’ve added a load  to my race report.

The picture above is one of Helen’s and it shows me in my new Oomph race kit. Jo worked hard with the guys at Oomph to design the kit. It is by far the best race kit I’ve raced in. The shorts are comfortable having a decent chamoix that is great to run in as well.  The top is longer than I’ve had before and I like it. It covers my back fully on the run with a little gap (you can see above on the bike). Three pockets at the back were easy to access. I didn’t even have rubbing under my arms which is a first. Jo and I both raced in it and I can tell you it stands out – we were easy to spot. The pink really does do the trick. Oomph have a pair of shorts that includes an integrated number belt. These shorts didn’t but I got my mum to sew on the velcro to mimic the other shorts and it worked a treat. Such a great design idea and certainly made my run a little more comfortable.

I am still buzzing with my qualification. I’ve been resting up with a couple of nice rides, one swim and a days fishing. I feel pretty solid on the bike and will try a run tomorrow. I’d felt that qualification would be tight this year but I was pretty determined. I’d not admitted this before on here but I had the motivation that every time I’ve tried to qualify for Kona I’ve managed it. I didn’t want this to be the year I didn’t. It was cut fine getting the last slot at my last chance race (of three). Hopefully next year won’t be cut so fine.

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