Is My Motivation Back ?

MotivationIsBack.jpgWhat a frustration. It’s  a beautiful day outside and I’m not out on my planned long ride. Each time I look out and see the weather I just feel almost queasy inside… gutted. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this sort of frustration, almost like guilt that I’m not making the most of the weather.

Last night, as I went to bed early in order to get up at 5am for the ride, I went down to my sisters basement to find it in a couple of inches of water. I spent the next few hours with my sister and her husband clearing out all the water and getting it under control. Following this I just needed to relax so we sat and had a glass of wine. It was now gone midnight so only 5 hours sleep in prospect. The night before I’d only got 5 hours sleep before getting up early for a ride and I knew that Sunday night could prove similar ahead of early morning swimming. This was not good. I set my alarm hopeful. I was so tired when it went off but I woke up and contemplated what to do … during that contemplation I fell asleep and the decision was made.

It is probably for the best but all the same I still feel a little guilt. Yesterday I did a 80 miler in the Surrey hills mostly in the pouring rain and I felt super strong. I was riding well but it still felt like a relatively easy ride. I was so looking forward to todays 100+ miler.

Well it’s not going to happen now. Instead I’m going to try and get a couple of hour run done. Running is clearly my limiter now and for the performances I want I need to get out running. I’m heading to my mums on tuesday and will have access to the hills to run in. I’ve also entered the Taunton Marathon in 3 weeks which should provide the motivation.

For those of you that have posted comments on my blog in the past – apologies all of them have been lost by Apple. Pretty gutted and pretty poor from them.They’re all stored on their server so there’s nothing I can do. Why they don’t do backups I’ve got no idea.

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