Epic Camp NZ10 – Day 15 – DONE!

Epic10-15.jpgWe made it ! What a fantastic trip. Awesome experience. It was great to all roll in to the finish together and every shaking hands, hugging, congratulating each other. We cracked open champagne and all had a tipple. Not a great idea as we had to run round and up Bluff Hill and I got  severely hypoglycemic until Jo gave me an energy bar.

The day was perfect weather – sunny with tailwinds most of the way. It was very cold as we set off and I had to go off the front in order to get warm. Once I was on my own I really found I was enjoying just being alone with my thoughts and the awesome scenery. I decided to keep pushing on till we got to lunch where we were going to regroup.

I thought about what a great trip it had been and also just how chuffed I am to have done so well. At the start I genuinely thought doing the minimum run volume would be an achievement but as it turns out I did double it. The foot held up perfectly though my right VMO muscle was starting to feel a little painful today so I’ll be glad of some rest from exercise.

The scenery was out of this world. At times reminding me of Scotland. The beaches were deserted and beautifully white with a gorgeous blue ocean behind and white crashing waves.

Bluff itself ain’t so sweet. Scott lead a subgroup up Bluff Hill. We’d been warned about how steep it was and it didn’t disappoint. Not on the scale of some British climbs but with a lowest gear of 39 x 23 I was defeated by the steepest section (can’t think of many climbs I’ve not got up). Douglas went a little further before falling off and breaking his helmet in the process. We were all very chuffed to make it to the stop by whatever means.

Then we regrouped for the final roll in to the end of the road and big celebrations all round. We finished as we started with a tough run taking us round the end of the Island and back up Bluff Hill.

Now we’re heading out for celebratory meal and drinks. Will blog more about my thoughts on the trip when I’m back in Christchurch.

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