Epic Camp NZ10 – Day 12

EpicCampDay12We started today with a fantastic run round Godley Head in Christchurch. It was a beautiful run in lovely weather. Over the hills to the coast and back along the coast. 18.5km so clearly tacked on 1.5km to 20km. Great run but quite taxing given the running I’ve done in the past two days. I was slow for about 20 minutes but then my legs started working and I sped up and finished pretty well.

There was a southerly change (which means bad in this neck of the woods) forecast and it arrived as we left. Cold, wet, strong headwind and unfortunately the first part of the ride was on the main highway and we had to stay together so it was a little cold. Once over the Rakaia Bridge (longest in NZ !) we were free to go. More or less the whole group formed a big chaingang. It was a great to have everyone working together but it was a little cold. Jo had a mechanical so I stopped with her and pulled her back to the group just in time to roll in to lunch.

Everyone put on loads of extra layers and quickly stuffed down food. As we left I discovered a puncture. Gordo offered to wait but I said to go and I’d TT. I’d thought this meant he wouldn’t head off two fast but after  TTing for 20km and passing little dribs and drabs of riders I finally bridged up to find them in a very well organised 8 person chaingang. They seem impressed that I’d caught them. I found out later that Clas had done a massive pull at the start to warm up ! Rode the next hour with them in a really great fun, and fast, chaingang.

Arriving here Gordo, Tara, Petro and I headed to the pool to get a 3k swim run to get our swim bike run bonus. Petro stuck at it to get 6k done. He’s fighting for the red jersey and despite this allowing him to get a point closer to me I decided to only do 3k. Should be able to defend the jersey without it and I think getting extra rest time is wise.

Only three days to go. Don’t really want it to end !

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