Epic Camp NZ10 – Day 10

EpicCampDay10Too hectic a day to take any photos so here’s a photo of Jo arriving on the South Island.

Last night I didn’t get enough sleep as we had a bit of a nightmare with our iDisk and I spent 90 minutes online with the apple help people sorting it out. So not enough sleep but I still attacked today as planned. It looked a relatively short day based on the minimums and I felt that if I made the most of the day I could build a little cushion in the points competition.

Day started at 4:55am with a 10k run in the dark with Tara. We ran at a reasonable pace and chatted so it passed quickly. Very quick slice of toast and a coffee then off to the pool. Jo’s foot was really painful so I piggy backed her part of the way. I really feel for her and do hope the injury is nothing serious. Should have a better idea in a couple of days when she sees someone in Christchurch. She’s dealing with it very well.

In the pool I did the following set with Gordo leading

    500m free, 5 x 100m odds IM, evens free
    400m free, 4 x 100m odds IM, evens free
    300m free, 3 x 100m odds IM, evens free
    200m free, 2 x 100m odds IM, evens free
    100m free, 1 x 100m odds IM, evens free

Nice set and the time passed quick. Quick change and then out for a 10k run with Petro. Again lots of chatting and it passed quickly.

Quick breakfast of eggs, sausage and potatoes then on the bike for todays ride. There was a KOM at 15km in to the ride and I had every intention of attacking hard and early to try and place very well in it.

The ride was neutralised out of town but as soon as we hit the town limits Nick and Pete attacked hard off the front. I initially followed but with everyone on my wheel eased up and everyone followed suite and they pulled away. Then Clas attacked and Petro said we had to go. I agreed and hit hard. I managed to gap the group and then put in max effort to go round Nick, Pete and Clas. Head down on the aero bars all out. Petro, Clas and Pete bridged up and for a while we worked together but it was faster with me on the front so I just pulled and pulled and pulled. A little rise before the main climb was tough but Clas gave me a push and shove over the top to maintain my momentum. At the base of the climb we dropped Pete and Petro and pushed on. I must have TT’d for 6k or so by now and I was feeling pretty stretched and wondered whether I’d misjudged what I could do. Kept pushing, Clas on my wheel periodically telling me to keep the pressure on. It helped. About a K from the top Clas jumped and went. I had nothing more. He got about 50m ahead and I held him there. At the top it was good to see him in a deal of discomfort. I was spent and almost fell of my bike. That is the hardest 15 – 20 minutes work I’ve ever done on the bike. Got second and feel I’m back in the game again.

We rolled down the other side to the water stop. Everyone moved out pretty quick. I ended up on my own but just thought I’d soon pick up the group ahead. They weren’t appearing so I picked up the pace a bit. Eventually I saw them with someone dropped off the back. I was hoping it wasn’t Jo so I could just blow by. It was Jo! We spent a good 15k trying to pull back on but we’d gain on the rises and lose it on the descents. It was very hard work and frustrating. We got with a 100m a couple of times but couldn’t do the last bit. Eventually I had to leave Jo to be picked up my the next group (she was) and I bridged forward. I was then treated to David Craig pulling us some 80km to the finish into a stiff headwind. We averaged 30kph for the 130km ride which was a great effort. His pull was awesome and won him the green.

My plan had been to go to the pool this afternoon but it was closed due to the weather. I had time on my hands so headed out for a 10k run this became 20k when i came back and found Jo fast asleep and not wanting to disturb her I went back out.

Scott has been teasing me about where do i think the sneak attack is going to come from. He said the only way I can lose yellow is to blow up. As I pointed out the whole thing about a sneak attack is you don’t see it coming !

This is what Epic is all about. I ran 40k and found out that only Clas has ever run a marathon on Epic before. Though he did do it in 2:48 !

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