Going Old School

kona09Swimming in Rogers spare BlueSeventy this morning was really inconclusive leaving me wondering about racing Old School tomorrow – ie in my tri shorts. Swimming in his suit was definitely better and if my shoulders weren’t already rubbed raw it would probably be alright but even with tape on it was sore. I bumped into John Newsom before swimming and he reckoned it would cost  38 seconds plus some time in transition as I’d have to pull a top on. I am very frustrated with myself that I discovered this so late which is really down to getting sunburnt a week ago. I am thinking that I should just do what will make the race most enjoyable which would be tri shorts to reduce the pain but when i think if that means I come out slower in the swim I’m not so sure. Over breakfast Roger just felt I should tape it up and put up with any discomfort. Jo pointed out that most people in the field are probably suffering from some sort of rubbing. I think I’ll pack a tri top in  my T1 bag to keep my options open.

I had a rather disturbed nights sleep. Already feeling nervous about this race. As ever it’s all about the the immediate pre start period and the early part of the swim. Once I visualise beyond that point I’m happy. In fact, rather bizarrely, I’m seriously excited about getting on to the run and seeing what happens. I keep finding myself imagining somehow having a great run and Roger being rather surprised when I don’t prove too easy to reel in on the run !


After breakie I came back to my room and dozed for a good few hours before heading up to the supermarket to decide on my Run Special Need snacks. I tried, and failed, to get money out – these woes continue. Slightly stressful given us heading out to Waikiki next week but at least it takes my mind off the race for a moment. Luckily I had enough to get the snacks – decided on a packet of crisps, peanut butter M&Ms and almond M&Ms. Got back to pack up my transition bags. I’ve got the option to try something new on the run. I really don’t like having a number belt round my waist whilst running so I’ve got a number in the bag with two safety pins and plan to just pin to my shorts as I leave transition.

Jo and I then headed to check in our bike and bags. Thats todays photos. I got my free Cervelo T-Shirt for checking in a Cervelo. Bit disappointed I couldn’t get Jo one this year. They’re giving out 3 frames to people wearing the t-shirt tomorrow ! Following check in we headed for dinner with Roger, Mary and Russ. This period from checking in bike to arriving at dinner is my favourite time in the race run up. I feel relaxed having checked in my gear and haven’t had time to get nervous. As I get towards the end of the meal I start to feel nervous. Now sat here the nerves are increasing.

I keep reminding myself that I am one of the luckiest people doing Ironman to be here competing given my whole season was written off. So many people try to get here I should make sure I make the most of this. Thanks Gabriel for reminding me of those 100 milers. I will use them to help keep be going. Now to get some final rest. Normally I can’t sleep after a race so there’s a good chance I’ll put up a post pretty promptly and hopefully a race report.

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