A Day Of Nothing

DayOfNothing.jpgIt doesn’t happen very often but today is complete rest. I enjoy this point before big races when there’s loads of time to relax. Jo and I are just chilling out in our room and it’s nice just nattering about nothing…. well not nothing, for instance those 44oz drinks we’ve been having is the same as 2.75 pints or 264 teaspoons. Now thats conversation.

Photos above are Dig Me Beach at 7:30am this morning.

Mayhem. I just sat and watch the world go by waiting for Roger to finish his swim so we could go for our increasingly leisurely breakfasts. I saw the Olympic 10k Open Water champion head out in his Blue Seventy with a couple of optimistic swimmers on his feet trying for the Blue Seventy speed skin which was up for grabs if anyone could beat him to the Coffees Of Hawaii boat. There was also a turtle just chilling our by the wall.

Following breakfast I went to register. Then it was off to the Expo. Having run in my Skins compression shorts the other day I was convinced that it would be a good idea to run in compression shorts on the day. My hope was to find some light coloured shorts (ideally white) but there were none. CEP had some nice shorts that provided great compression and I was convinced that they would cool if I applied water to them. It was hard work trying these on but the combination of the great compression, the legs being slightly longer (my current tri shorts are really too short) and the expo special of them being close to half price I decided to go with them. Tomorrow is full race kit practise – swim, bike and run so I’ll make my final decision after that.

Yes more coffee followed this. This time Lava Java. We bumped in to Gaelle, Richard and then  Jo there. It’s one of things that makes this race so special how you just bump in to mates and get a chance to hang out.

Had a very relaxing afternoon before meeting Roger for a couple of coffees by the sea and a lovely chat about life the universe and everything. We also touched on race hopes and goals. I really have to split my goals in two – the swim / bike and then the run. For the latter it’s just to complete. I wondered, in an email to Scott, whether I should put a $100 bill in my run special needs bag to ensure I go out to the energy lab. For the swim I’d like to be under 55 minutes, for the bike sub 5:10 but with good conditions gunning for as close to 5 as possible …. unless of course it’s under 5 then as far from 5 as possible ;o)

Dinner was at my favourite place – the Canoe Club. Was lovely to chat with Jo and her family whilst the sun went down munching on my favourite dish here – Hawaiian Chicken Salad.

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