Getting In The Swing Of Kona

SwingOfKona.jpgWe’ve managed to just drop straight into the swing of things here and get a good routine going. Been swimming both mornings out to a little beyond the halfway point. The water is gorgeous – warmer than I remember. This morning we saw a turtle. The numbers of people swimming are already high, it seems more people are getting out early. We’ve managed breakfast in Lava Java yesterday and then in Splashers this morning. Russell and I happy both days when a “meat lovers” omelette was on offer.

My plan has been for some decent riding early on and I’ve achieved that. The reasoning behind this was:

  1. My training stress balance (as detailed in previous posts) for cycling has not been hugely negative from Lanzarote so I need to be careful not to drop too much intensity.
  2. Some harder sessions will help me sleep and get me in to this time zone
  3. Getting out and working in this climate will help me adjust to the heat and humidity

I’m pleased to report that I’ve achieved what I hoped on the riding front. Yesterday Russell and I rode to the shop and back. It only really needs to be described as the shop since it’s the only one on the route from Kona to Hawi so most people at some point will stop there. I managed some good spells of decent efforts. Felt comfortable on the aero bars and strong climbing in the aero position.

Today we joined Jo to ride the full course. Rachel joined us to “the shop”. It’s hot work out there. The picture above is Rachel, myself and Russell outside the shop with our 44oz cups of pop ! Over a coffee this evening Russell and I established I must have drank 100oz of diet coke during todays ride. It really is amazing how much you need to drink. You think you’re necking a tonne of fluid during the ride but still get back and spend the first 30 minutes drinking almost continuously.

Back to todays ride. Again I felt strong and did good solid efforts up to Hawi where we stopped for coffee and then on the way back. Pretty strong winds which made for a couple of hairy moments but excellent practise for the race.

Aiming for a 3-4 hour ride towards the end of the week and then nothing more than a couple of hours from there on in. I’m feeling really good on the bike at the moment. Just hoping I feel like this on race day.

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