Kona Arrival

KonaArrival09.jpgIt’s great to be back in Kona. Ran to the 3 mile post on Alii Drive this evening and it was great seeing all the familiar sights again, watching the sun set and running pain free.

We’re back in the Kona Seaside Hotel after a pretty uneventful flight apart from getting stung for $175 per bike when we checked in in LAX for the second leg of our trip. Made more gutting by the fact we weren’t meant to have a layover and if we hadn’t we’d not have got charged.

The picture above is a CD I won on the flight over for being closest to guessing the time we’d be halfway to Hawaii based on  details given of wind speed, distance, average speed etc etc. I was only 10 seconds off having calculated (guessed) 14:07:35. Four people guessed within a minute with one of those being only 11 seconds off ! Funnily enough in 3 flights with United I’ve won this competition twice ! A maths degree can be useful sometime. I took this as a good omen …. started my winning ways.

Bikes together, we’ve had some tea. Tomorrow morning down to the pier for a swim with Russell then possibly off to Lava Java. This is the life.

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