Lanzarote Post Race

Lanza09Post.jpgTwo days post race and we’re packed up ready for our flight back to the UK tonight. We’ve had a great time here and agree it’s an awesome training environment. The half board accommodation we had in the first three weeks was not only cheap but perfectly placed and meant we didn’t think about anything other than training, eating and sleeping. I averaged over 9 hours sleep a night during that period which was awesome. I think we will do this again.

It’s been a start back to my fitness which has made it more fun.

Race day was really excellent fun. It went quicker as a spectator than a competitor. I found it so inspiring and would recommend to anyone to get out and cheer people on, cheer with all your might. I’ve almost lost my voice from the cheering. Watching the race really made me feel melancholy. I so wanted to be out there. It brought back memories of how well I raced last time. Jo said the conditions were better so when I saw my time would have got 2nd in my age group some 11 minutes behind the winner I of course felt “what if”. Just like New Zealand. I can see myself repeating this years plans next year with New Zealand and Lanzarote.

Some great performances out there. Jo went 10:45 to be fastest age grouper and 7th overall. With no pressure on the run from in front or behind she had a disappointing 3:30 marathon but her last 6km were run at 4:05 KM pace which rather shows what she could have done with sufficient motivation.

Post race I had the blues much like I would if I’d raced. Now though I feel back in the game. Jo’s next Ironman is my next Ironman and I have the advantage I have no recovery to do now. From tomorrow I’ll be viewing myself as an athlete in training again. Hopefully the consultant will give the nod to start running ….

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