Race Morning – Lanzarote 09

Lanza09RaceMorning.jpgThere’s the start of Ironman Lanzarote. Great to watch but would have been better to be in it. Think it may help my swim start to see that most of the competitors don’t absolutely peg it in it ! When I do I just assume everyone else is running as hard as they can down the beach. It took a full four minutes for the last to get in !

Just a quick update whilst everyone is out on the bike.

Jo managed the swim in 63:56 which is over a minute ahead of target which is awesome. Marc was out in 72 minutes which I hope is pleased with. Gabriel looked to be having far too good a time coming out in just under 63 minutes. Russell is a little behind his target coming out a few seconds ahead of Jo, unfortunately I missed him on the bike. Tom was also a few minutes off his target with just under 60 minutes. He’d hoped for 55 but I’m hoping he’s not too worried with this as thats quite ambitious on this course (it’s slow) – the leaders were over 50 minutes. Anyway, he looked super strong as he went out on the bike.

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